Brush Hogging

Brush Hogging a 10 acre lot in Ozark, MO with our 12' batwing deck.

Brush Hogging a 10 acre lot in Ozark, MO with our 12' batwing deck.

Clear overgrown acreage quickly and easily by calling us for a free brush hogging estimate.

It's easy for land and large lots in Southwest Missouri to quickly become overgrown with weeds, shrubs, trees, and more. At this point, even the best mowers can't handle the thick overgrowth, and the only viable option is a professional grade brush hogger.

At Denbow Lawn, we  utilize Kubota tractors and adjustable height decks to knock down the toughest weeds, bushes, and even small trees.  We have been brush hogging residential and commercial lots in Nixa  & Springfield for more than 10 years and have the ability to brush hog fields of any size. 

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Our Equipment

  • Kubota tractor
  • 12' wide batwing deck (adjustable height)
  • 6' wide flat deck (adjustable height)

Recent Brush Hogging Jobs

Brush Hogging retention area in Ozark, MO.

Brush hogging overgrown Johnson Grass by Sequiota Park in Springfield.


First brush hogging job of 2017 in Battlefield, MO

Before and after brush hogging overgrown grass and weeds in Springfield

Brush Hogging

Professional Brush Hogging Services For Lots and Tracts of All Sizes